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Welcome to ScrapBank.Me TF2 Trading Revolutionized
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ScrapBank.Me - Trading Revolutionized

The aim of ScrapBank.Me is to provide fast and easy automated trading, in an efficient manner.
This site is still pretty new, so expect queue times to decrease (and success rates to increase) as things are fine-tuned.

ScrapBank.Me offers a range of automated services:

  • Scrapbanking – weapons from us to you at no profit. An incredibly useful service for TF2 beginners! You can also trade weapons for other weapons.
  • Hatbanking – for those times when you want to craft hats together, or want metal for your hats. You can also trade hats for other hats.
  • Keybanking – keys make the world go ’round. Buy and sell some here.
  • Itembanking (name tags, description tags, decal tools, tokens, MvM tickets)
  • Cardbanking – Need to complete your TF2 badge or level it up? We’ve got you covered.

… with more to come.

We have no bots dedicated to a specific type of banking; all of our bots can handle any job. With this, we hope that it will allow for a quicker and more pleasant experience for you.

You may want to check out the Help page if you wish to know more about how this site works. In fact, if you’re a newcomer to this site, I strongly recommend it.


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